Introducing our NEW ‘TRAVELER’ International SIM CARD

The summer is here, and as people’s thoughts turn to where they might want to go on vacation this year, Telestial’s thoughts turn to how we can best save you money on your calls if you do. With this in mind, we are pleased to announce the launch of our new Traveler International SIM card. There are a number of changes important changes that we’re really excited about.

Direct Calling in 80 Countries

Our SIMs used to work using Callback technology (you can see an overview of how this works here). Now you can make direct calls in 80 countries from the most popular tourist destinations including Europe, the USA and Australia. Direct calling offers a more natural, seamless experience like you would encounter with your domestic provider. We will be adding more countries to the direct calling list as they become available, but you won’t need to buy a new SIM to keep up to date – it will automatically update, meaning you can keep using your SIM for longer.

Data Plans

Over half of all internet connections now come from mobile phones. The applications that a modern phone is capable of running – from Facebook to Netflix and everywhere in between – make it an affordable and convenient replacement for tech that was previously only available on desktops or tablets. But all these things require a data connection, and for many people, the prohibitively high price of mobile data can mean that they stop using such apps while they’re traveling. Telestial believe that nothing should get in the way of your enjoyment while you’re away, so we have launched a range of data plans that can save you up to 300% on your mobile data costs. Broken down into two global regions, you can buy a plan of up to 2GB of data, more than enough for all your online needs.

Simpler Rates

We’ve made it significantly easier to plan your trip and figure out what rates are available in the countries you are visiting. Instead of having to look up each country individually for a multi-country trip, we’ve created a trip planner, which will show you the rates for multiple destinations on the same page. Data Plans are split into two regions, and we’ve made topping up clearer and easier so that you can see exactly which options are available and work best for you.

Access to the Best Networks

The new Traveler SIM covers over 190 countries, but also gives you access to over 380 networks, which is twice as many. This gives you numerous options that you wouldn’t necessarily get by roaming on your domestic SIM. Most domestic operators make deals with a few partners in other countries, usually one or two. However, since making deals with operators is the core of our business, our roaming SIM cards give us access to significantly more networks. If you find yourself traveling through an area where the coverage is patchy or your signal breaks up, the SIM will switch to a stronger network.

Family and Friends Call Free

Saving money on calls is great, but free calls? Even better! This is why we’ve set up a toll-free number for your friends and family to use to get in touch with you. It’s not completely free – you will have to pay a small surcharge to receive a call, but if you’re a long way away from home and don’t want your family to pay out for an international call, this option will cut costs for everyone. Right now, it’s only available if someone calls you from the USA, Australia, Canada, France, Germany and the UK, but we’re planning on adding new countries soon.

Automatic Updates

As we’ve already detailed, the Traveler SIM will update automatically when new direct calling countries are added. But there are even more features that we’ve got planned that will be added to the SIM in a similar way – you won’t need to do anything to take advantage of them. We will soon be offering the option to add a +1 US number, for example, and while you can currently receive fast LTE data in 20+ countries, we’ll be adding more as soon as they become available.

We think that these changes will help make your traveling experience that much more enjoyable as you won’t have to leave your phone locked up in your hotel or back at home. So if you’re headed overseas this summer, grab yourself a new Traveler SIM ($19, with $10 of included credit) before you travel and start saving now!