Save on data services at the 2018 FIFA Soccer World Cup in Russia with a data plan.

The 2018 FIFA Soccer World Cup is now underway in Russia!  If you are planning to attend the games in Russia or simply happen to be in the country for other reasons and have a Telestial SIM card, remember that you can get extra savings on mobile internet by purchasing a discount data plan for your Telestial Pure SIM.

Data plans are available on all Telestial SIM cards: Pure World, Pure Europe and Pure Data. Simply check the county coverage for your data plan to make sure Russia is included. Data plans can be added at any time via your personal Telestial web account. To add a plan for your existing Telestial SIM Card, log into your web account, navigate to the Activate Discount Data Plan section, select the plan you would like to activate and click the Activate button. After purchase, data plans can be used immediately.

Order a data plan from your web account.

Haven’t departed for the games yet and need Russia SIM card? You can simply order a data plan during checkout with any of our international travel SIM cards. As simple as that!

Now you are ready to share those special moments with the world while saving even more money!

Can I use Uber in Europe? All the ride-hailing apps you’ll need on your Eurotrip

Planning a European adventure? Along with your passport, suitcase and credit card, there’s one item that’s going to make your trip a whole lot easier: your smartphone.

A few years back, getting around when visiting a European city meant puzzling out public transport, explaining yourself to a taxi driver or simply expending a whole lot of shoe leather. This might have been great for unplanned adventures off the beaten path, but just as often you ended up lost and frustrated.

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