Traveling to the USA? Check out our NEW USA SIM Plans

With over 10 years in the international SIM card business, we at Telestial like to think we know a bit about what you want and how to give you it. We have the connections (both business and digital) to find you the best deals and the lowest rates when you’re traveling, and we have a much better feel for our customers’ requirements than some of these newer companies.

Travel to the USA is at an all-time high, with 191 million visitors to North America in 2015. That figure is set to be even higher for 2016. And whether they’re visiting family, working at a summer camp, coming for a sporting event or just to drive down Route 66, we know what our customers want. We know that calls and texts have taken a back seat to the need for mobile data, and that we’re using more of it than ever before. That’s why we’ve just announced an overhaul of our prepaid USA SIM card plans.

The new SIM is unlimited in just about every respect. Domestic talk and texts are unlimited, as is data (albeit at reduced speeds once your high-speed allocation is exhausted). We’ve made it cheaper and easier to call the folks back home, with international calls at 19c and texts at 9c to over 80 destinations worldwide. And we’ve created some bundles to suit your needs, and to give you a little extra power on your data connection when you need it. The plans break down as follows:

USA Starter Pack TelestialThe Starter plan is for anyone looking to try the SIM on for size. As well as unlimited talk, texts and LTE data, you get $2.50 of free international credit and 250MB of high-speed 4G data. Because it’s a trial plan, the expiry terms are a bit shorter – two weeks – but the price is also much lower – just $29.

Unlimited USA SIM Card TelestialThe Unlimited plan costs $49 and comes with $10 of international calling credit, and 1GB of high-speed data access. This is enough for most users, giving you the ability to access maps or websites if you need them on the go.

Unlimited Plus USA SIM Card TelestialThe Unlimited plan is for heavier data users, offering a huge 2GB of high-speed LTE data. The SIM comes with $10 of international credit and costs $79.

If you need for more international credit or high-speed LTE data, add-ons are available for purchase at any time. Usage can be tracked through our free Travel App.

All our SIMs are multi-fit, and will plug into any unlocked handset. Alternately, if you need a travel handset (perhaps a lower-spec phone with excellent battery life, or a no-frills smartphone), all Telestial’s phones are sold unlocked and have dual SIM slots – meaning that you can bring your domestic SIM card with you while you travel. For more details, please check out our USA SIM card page here.