Introducing Our New and Improved USA SIM

Telestial are proud to announce the (re)launch of our USA SIM service. We’ve taken on board your comments and feedback and have made a few changes to ensure that we offer the best service possible for all our customers. Some of the new features of our USA SIM include:

Improved coverage
We’ve made some changes to ensure that no matter where you are in the USA – metropolitan areas or out in the big country -you’ll get the strongest signal available, for both calls and data.

Works everywhere
Previous iterations of our USA SIM have only worked in the US. But now you can use your SIM while in transit, giving you the option to share your US phone number with family and friends before you travel.

Again, previous versions of our SIM required you to manually configure your SIM once you arrived on US soil. Now, activation is automatic, giving you one less thing to worry about when you arrive in your destination.
Despite these changes, we haven’t had to cut back on our deals – we still offer the same great bundles as we always have, with a range of unlimited talk and text deals, and up to 2GB of data. So if you’re headed to the USA this summer, don’t forget to pick up your Telestial USA SIM card today!