There has been a lot of talk about apps in recent weeks. A study of 2015’s app habits, for example, revealed a highly competitive and disposable marketplace for app developers, with users spending almost all of their phone-time using these programs. By all accounts, people are spending more time with them than they do watching TV. And as the results from last year’s Superbowl show, we use them while we’re watching TV too.

With the lifespan of the average app lasting about a month (if they’re lucky), there has been increased focus on the apps that you can’t get rid of. For example, iPhones come with no less than 32 ‘native apps’ that, until recently, you were stuck with for life. However, Apple has recently released a way of removing them should you wish to – though be aware, the process is quite complex.

Meanwhile, there is only one true king in terms of app usage – Facebook. With the app itself taking the number one spot and its dedicated messaging app in second place, Facebook is the undisputed master of the app world. However, while its certainly the app that most people are using, it’s far from perfect, as recently discovered by blogger Russell Holly. It turns out that uninstalling the app not only makes almost all the other apps on your phone run faster, but it saves you up to 20% of your battery life on Android handsets, and 15% on iPhones. These are huge figures, and the fact that a single app can be responsible for such variation is currently being investigated further. Certainly, it’s something you should keep in mind when traveling.